Project: Windy Hill Stand Alone Power System

windy-hill-custom-tilt-5kwp-coastalThe Location:

Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

The Brief:

The client brief was to design a Stand Alone Power System (SAPS) which would service a brand new home with a 18Kwh daily demand, and be totally Solar PV on ground mount adjustable tilt.

The Design Process:

windy-hill-control-room-dc-coupledCollaboration, discussion and trust, was the foundation upon which the project was built, which included an ongoing integrated support program.

The tailored ground mount frames were built using local expertise, with a prototype being build prior to the project commencing. Once tested and modified the frames were built and ‘flat packed’ to the site.

The Solution:

A 5.6Kw of solar PV [REC Panels] ground mount array, consisting of x6 sub arrays with a site specific 3 position adjustable tilt angle [windy-hill-4v-cellsolstice/equinox] incorporating AC coupled [SMA inverters] and a parallel 5.5Kw petrol generator [Honda] backing up a 48 volt 1600 ampere hour battery [RAYLITE] with 5 days autonomy and remote monitoring.

All situated in a purpose built control room 30m from the house.

The Result:

A SAPS which has delivered on all levels to the point where it is able to support a 2.5kw air conditioner run as required.

Battery daily depth of discharge is around 15% [seasonally adjusted], with the generator being called in only every 180 days to do the battery equalizing charge.