Why use an accredited solar energy designer?

A straight forward and valid question.

Rather than listing the obvious reasons for using accredited designers (safety, peace of mind, creation of STCs Small-scale Technology Certificates etc), let’s look at the qualities you should look for in a solar power energy designer before engaging their services.

Whilst this is not a comprehensive overview it will at the very least set the scene for a conversation.

Some questions to ask: Does the energy designer…?

  • take time to listen to your ideas
  • do an energy assessment of your ‘current’ power consumption, and one of your proposed ‘off grid’ power consumption
  • do a ‘live’ visit of the proposed site
  • provide a range of options, costing and explanations
  • allow for future needs with minimum disruption and cost
  • state services and charges ‘up front’
  • make past projects and clients available to you to look at or talk to
  • provide for backup and future support

A Stand Alone Power System (SAPS) on your property effectively makes you the owner of a ‘micro power station’ for many years to come.

Therefore, it is very important the best foundation possible is put in place, and this begins with the conversation between you – the owner operator – the investor, and the designer you choose.

You don’t want to be left ‘Standing Alone and Powerless’.