Moonlight Bay Stand Alone Power System project testimonial

After purchasing a block of land and discovering that the cost of getting power to our house site was going to be excessive we started to look at stand alone power systems. With no experience in these types of systems we looked at a number of alternatives and settled on working with Eye Energy Systems.

We gave them a brief based on the power usage from our old house, and asked Eye Energy Systems to design a system that would supply a similar amount for our new house with some redundancy. Our hot water, cooking and heating demands were met by solar and gas with no air-conditioning units being operated.

Given our very limited knowledge we were looking for a system that had minimal maintenance and a high standard of reliability.

After discussions with Eye Energy Systems, and on their advice, we opted for a hybrid scheme that incorporated solar and wind power with a backup generator.

Eye Energy Systems worked with us to deliver a system that has performed extremely well and consists of components that are reliable and well set out.

There are a number of cheaper alternatives, and we know other people that have gone down this path only to have problems with their systems. If you are considering a stand-alone system, then remember when the power goes out you have to fix it, and the first investment is the best one.

Eye Energy Systems have extensive knowledge and experience in these types of systems and the components that make them up. They are meticulous in their planning and building of the systems, and have provided us with a great back up service – we would not hesitate to recommend Eye Energy Systems.

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