Solutions and Services

Our Energy Solutions

Eye Energy Systems provides quality Consultation, Design, Installation and Maintenance services for:

  • Stand Alone Solar PV systems (SAPS)
  • Residential Solar PV systems
  • Commercial Grid-Connect Solar PV systems
  • Energy Storage systems

Stand Alone Solar PV systems (SAPS)

Eye Energy Systems’ standard Stand Alone Power System (SAPS) solutions include:

  • Solar PV sizing and connection
  • Mounting and tracker
  • Site wind turbine
  • Diesel backup choices

Residential Solar PV systems

Residential Solar PV Systems maximise the site’s solar PV potential using the technologies best suited to the location and your domestic power needs.

Commercial Grid-Connect Solar PV systems

Commercial Solar PV Systems can be an effective tool in managing commercial energy costs. With a comprehensive site consumption and needs analysis, our commercial solutions are tailored to:

  • The business’s needs
  • Return on Investment [ROI]
  • Criteria providing future electricity cost surety

Energy Storage systems

Our energy storage, sizing and management options are designed to suit both SAPS and Grid-connect systems.

Battery options include:

  • Flooded Lead Acid
  • VRLA [Sealed]
  • Lithium iron phosphate [LiFePo4]


Our Design and Installation Process

Eye Energy Systems’ tailored and integrated off grid energy solutions are based on an extensive consultation process to ensure they suit your requirements and budget.

Quality Consultation and Needs Analysis

Firstly we will conduct a maximum load assessment, site visit, and thorough Needs Analysis to ensure we understand:

  • What your energy use is
  • When you are using and require power
  • What benefits – both short and long term – you want from your energy system
  • What your budget is

Preliminary Design and Project Quote

With the above information, Eye Energy Systems will develop an initial solution design, that not only meets your current requirements, but can allow for future growth.

Information is provided freely to assist clients in making conceptual decisions on their needs.

Our design proposal containing various solution options is provided to you, and charged at 2.0% of the highest option cost.

Should you choose to proceed with us, this cost is then deducted from the total project price.

Installation Management

Eye Energy Systems will source and manage products and subcontractors to build and install your energy solution.

We will work and communicate with you regarding the project timeline.

System Maintenance

Eye Energy Systems can also provide ongoing maintenance of the energy system once it is installed.

Please note, we can only support energy systems designed and installed by Eye Energy Systems.