Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

Installing a solar hot water hot water system not only saves you money, but also reduces the impact that your household makes on the environment.

apricus-logoEye Energy Systems are proud to use the highest quality solar hot water systems from Apricus.

Apricus solar hot water systems use evacuated tube solar collectors, which are fast becoming the preferred option for residential, business and commercial hot water in Australia. This is due to their high efficiency, and lightweight and low maintenance construction.

The benefits of solar hot water systems

  • SAVE up to 80% on water heating bills
  • REDUCE household carbon emissions
  • INCREASE value of home or property
  • PRODUCE free hot water from the sun 

The advantages of Apricus solar hot water systems

  • apricus-solar-hot-water-systemAustralian Owned and Operated
  • 15 Year warranty on roof components
  • Lightweight and durable design
  • Excellent cold weather performance
  • Frost protected without the use of glycol
  • Evacuated tubes passively track the sun
  • Stainless steel or vitreous enamel tank options
  • Low maintenance design
  • Dedicated local after sales & service team

Download the Apricus Solar Hot Water System Brochure (1.6mb PDF)

If you’re interested in learning how a solar hot water system can help you, please contact us.