REC Solar Panels

REC is a leading global provider of solar energy solutions. With more than 15 years of experience, REC offers sustainable, high performing products, services and investments for the solar industry

rec-solar-panels-logoREC solar panels deliver proven high performance solar electricity solutions for the residential, commercial and utilities segments around the world.

Planning for your solar energy solution means carefully considering the options and choosing the best value proposition for your needs. Installing solar panels is an investment and you need a solution that will yield an excellent return.

The benefits of REC solar panels

rec-solar-panels-benefitsMore power per m²:

  • Efficient cell design:
    • 3 bus bars and new metallization deliver improved electrical flow and power output
    • New finger design reduces shadow, increases sunlight capture, delivering more energy
  • Efficient glass design:
    • 3.2 mm glass enables optimal operating temperature and sunlight transmission
    • Anti-reflective glass treatment increases output by 2%
    • Sunlight transmission increase by 2-3%

25 year linear power output guarantee:

  • Greater return on investment predictability
  • 97% effective power output in the first year
  • Maximum degradation of 0.7% each year
  • Guaranteed minimum performance level of 80.2% by the end of the 25th year
  • Positive sorting of watt classes
  • Increased investment security

Robust and Durable design:

  • Designed to withstand heavy loads and wind, certified for:
    • Mechanical load 5,400 Pa (EMEA, APAC)
    • Design load 3,600 Pa (North America)
  • Frame designed to prevent frost damages and aid snow slippage
  • 10 year product warranty

Optimised for all sunlight conditions:

  • Improved power output in low and diffuse conditions (e.g. sunrise, sunset and cloudy weather)
  • Cell surface with acid-etched texturization gives better power performance

Energy pay back time of one year:

  • Environmentally-responsible product
  • Low CO² footprint
  • Even lower energy payback time due to ingot crystallization, thinner wafers, increased cell and module efficiency

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