Project: Moonlight Bay Stand Alone Power System

moonlight-bay-8kwp-solar-panel-pvThe Location:

Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

The Brief:

The client brief was to design a Stand Alone Power System (SAPS) which would service a home of some 500m², with a capacity to deliver electricity for yet to be finalised services and facilities, in a manner that would not compromise the fit out at a later date, and would not require additions and alterations to the SAPS.

moonlight-bay-1kwp-turbinesDue to its remote location, enough redundancy had to be incorporated to continue delivering power if there was a component failure.

The Design Process:

Collaboration, discussion, and trust, with both client and architect, was the foundation upon which the project was built.

The pooling together of other renewable energy experts was critical in developing a strong and competent design, implementation and commissioning team to comprehensively deliver a quality outcome, and maintain an ongoing support program.

moonlight-bay-control-room-hybridThe Solution:

A hybrid SAPS, with 2 x 1Kw wind turbines [SOMA], some 8Kw of solar PV incorporating AC and DC coupling [SMA inverters], and a parallel 7.5Kw diesel [FG Wilson] backing up a 48 volt 1600 ampere hour battery [RAYLITE] with 3 days autonomy and remote monitoring.

All situated in a purpose built control room, 100m from the house with the turbines a further 100m from the battery building to ensure nil turbulence.

The Result:

moonlight-bay-fg-wilson-back-up-power-generatorA SAPS which has delivered on all levels, to the point where it is able to support an electrically heated spa bath, and has met the redundancy requirement as tested when there were component outages for short periods of time.

Battery daily depth of discharge is around 20% [seasonally adjusted].

The Feedback:

Some feedback from our satisfied clients…

Given our very limited knowledge we were looking for a system that had minimal maintenace and a high standard of reliability.

After discussions with Eye Energy Systems, and on their advice, we opted for a hybrid scheme that incorporated solar and wind power with a backup generator.

Eye Energy Systems worked with us to deliver a system that has performed extremely well and consists of components that are reliable and well set out.

There are a number of cheaper alternatives, and we know other people that have gone down this path only to have problems with their systems. If you are considering a stand-alone system, then remember when the power goes out you have to fix it, and the first investment is the best one.

Eye Energy Systems have extensive knowledge and experience in these types of systems and the components that make them up. They are meticulous in their planning and building of the systems, and have provided us with a great back up service.

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